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Tomsk State University and Jean Monnet Center of Excellence published a book about Association of European Studies

In honor of the 25th anniversary of the Association for European Studies (AEVIS) foundation in Russia, Tomsk State University and Jean Monnet Center of Excellence published a book which examines the problems of the contemporary development of countries and peoples of Europe. This is the first publication in Russian about history of AEVIS and formation of regional and capital schools.

The Association was founded in 1992 on the initiative of Professor Yuri Borko, a leading domestic specialist in the study of European integration. Tomsk Branch was established in 1993, becoming one of the formal co-founders of AEVIS.

- In my opinion, the main idea of the book is to show the multidimensionality, ambiguity and variability of the Europe study by Russian scientists, - Larisa Deriglazova, Professor of TSU, head of Jean Monnet Center for Excellence says. On the one hand, the history of the formation of regional and capital schools in the study of international relations is performed here. On the other hand, it has a very "personal" character, which shows science and academic community as a living organism, in the process of constant growth, changing and searching for scientific knowledge.

The book consists of three parts: formation of regional AEVIS branches, biographies and essays about European scholars from their colleagues and interviews with researchers. In particular, there are materials about theTomskscientist - Nikolai Cherkasov.

The idea and format belong to Olga Butorina, deputy director for scientific work of theRussianAcademyof Sciences, a leading Russian expert in the field of economic aspects.

- The publication is very informative and informal due to the fact that the two parts of the book are author materials - interviews and stories "from the first person" of leading domestic specialists, - Larisa Deriglazova notes. -  Any beginning scientist should read it to understand what it means to engage in science inRussia. It voiced real credo of famous Russian scientists, including their view on whetherRussia is a part ofEurope.

The book was published at the expense of the grant "Lean Monnet Center of Excellence / Center for European Studies at TSU."  A circulation of 500 copies will be distributed to AEVIS among the regional offices and handed over to the leading libraries of the country and abroad.




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