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About Centre

Larisa Deriglazova

Director of the Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence
Jean Monnet Chair
Department of World Politics, TSU
Tel.: +79131170364

Sergey Miroshnikov

Director of the Recearch Centre for International Organizations and Network Structures
Jean Monnet Chair
Associate professor
Department of World Politics, TSU
Tel.: +79138201824

Ilona Gubareva

Assistant of the Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence
Tel.: +79131152677

The overall objective of Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence is to promote a better understanding of the EU experience and its democratic processes with a view to contribute to strengthening the civil society in Russia, in particular at regional and local level. Specific objective is the focus on youth as an important social stratum in Europe and Russia with understanding of its role in a society from economic, political, social and cultural point of view.

Special objective will shape the teaching, research and outreach activities of the proposed Centre of Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence.

During time of the project there will be organized

  1. international and regional conferences with special sections for young scholars;
  2. summer school on EU topics for students outside of EU studies;
  3. guest lecturing to the various regional universities that don’t have developed EU studies;
  4. research projects that will focus on youth.

The overall result of the project implementation will be better educated public in the region on European experience in various dimensions, including its youth policy that consider young Europeans as a crucial human resource and foundation of EU legitimation and future.

Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence is continuing the activity of European Union Centre in Siberia (EUCES), which was established at the Tomsk State University (TSU) in 2010 and united TSU and four other prominent universities of the region: Altai State University, Kemerovo State University, Irkutsk State University, Tyumen State University, as well as Novosibirsk State Technical University, an associate partner in this project. The cooperation with the new project will be continued.

Financing the action

The Jean Monnet Center of Excellence was awarded with the grant for fostering the development of new teaching, research or debating activities, demonstrates evidence of academic added value, promotes and gives greater visibility to European studies within the institution hosting the Jean Monnet activities and outside. In appliance with the terms and conditions of a European Union Grant, the period during which the project is being carried out, has stable and sufficient sources of funding to maintain its activity throughout The Jean Monnet Center. The Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency shall co-finance this action.

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Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence is funded by the European Union within Jean Monnet Actions under ERASMUS+ Programme
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